Top 5 Surgical

Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Breast augmentation and reduction are one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery types. It is a reliable method that can be used in breast shape and volume disorders, small breast sizes, removal of symmetry disorders of two breasts. In addition, it is used very often after breast cancer surgery for reconstructing the breast or for ensuring symmetry with the other breast. Silicone implants that are used worldwide for many years are highly safe.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

Nose is not only our most important breathing organ, but also we see it every day as it is exactly in the middle of our face. Rhinoplasty is the most commonly performed plastic surgery. It consists of reshaping or reduction of the nose or augmentation of certain areas. Reconstruction operations are also performed in case of congenital anomalies or the nose injuries resulted from traumas.

Vaser Liposuction

Apart from the traditional liposuction method, there are also state-of-the-art technology methods, such as ultrasonic sound waves or laser assisted liposuction methods. The main principle is to ensure that the fats are broken with the help of energy wave before the liposuction process. Ultrasound (Vaser) or laser may be used as energy. These methods causes less irregularities of the skin. The damage created by energy may provide tightening in the skin as well as the sublayers. Those energies are specific to the fatty tissue; they do not harm the vessels or nerves, thus ensure faster recovery.

Neck And Facelift

Aging, chronic adverse effects of the sun, stress and gravity will cause our face and skin sag and lose the youthful contours, resulting in wrinkles. The main objective of face lift is to renovate the aged skin and eliminate the sagging, wrinkled appearance of the face. The corners of the sagging cheeks and jowls are corrected to obtain a younger facial contour. These surgeries are usually accompanied by blepharoplasty, neck lift procedures, brow lift, and skin resurfacing procedures.


Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

It is the surgery that is applicable for both the upper and lower eyelids to remove the excess skin and the layer of fat that causes puffiness. The purpose is to obtain a smoother, attractive and younger eye contour. As the years pass by, sagging skin and fat pads will occur and give us a tired, older expression and effect our visual field adversely. Lower and upper eyelid surgeries may be performed independently or within the same session. Both female and male patients may have this surgery.