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Acnelan is a mask procedure applied to mild and moderate acne problems. This process provides a professional treatment on acne and stops the growth of bacteria that cause acne formation.

The secretory activity of the sebaceous glands is reduced in this way. After the procedure, the hyperpigmented appearance on the skin caused by acne is also improved.

How to Apply?
  • Detailed skin analysis and photography are performed before the procedure.
  • The duration of treatment and the number of sessions vary according to the skin type and structure of each patient. Session intervals are organized every 15-20 days.
  • After the special solution applied to clean skin, it is removed from the skin.
  • Three days later, the patient comes to our clinic and is treated with a calming moisture mask and led therapy.
  • Our esthetician is trained to use the follow-up cream at home.
  • The average treatment lasts 2 months. Patient follow-up is provided during this period.

What to Consider During and After the Procedure?
  • It is necessary to protect the skin very well from the sun and to use follow-up creams regularly after the treatment to be applied at home.
  • Products that can irritate the skin should be avoided.
  • The skin starts to peel within a few days. This peeling can be controlled with the care products in the acnelan kit.