What is Cosmelan treatment?

Cosmelan is a treatment that targets sunspots and also age-related hyperpigmentations. This treatment is suitable for more superficial spots and it targets them by decreasing the amount of melanin pigment in our skin, thus reduces skin spots and prevents new ones. This treatment also includes substances for peeling, smoothing out the skin. Cosmelan treatment is suitable for all skin types. There are no related adverse effects, it does not cause skin crusting and the treatment can be done in winter.


How it is applied?

The treatment protocol starts with skin analysis and pre-treatment photographs. Prior to treatment, your skin is cleansed with a vacuum-head device to obtain better results. Then, the Cosmelan mask is applied. The mask should stay on for 8 to 10 hours and the patient removes the mask at home. After two days, the patient comes to the clinic and we apply additional creams. Then, hydration masks and LED therapies are added. We expect our patient to come for periodical checks for 3 months after the treatment.


Warnings for post-treatment period

After Cosmelan treatment, patient should not expose his/her skin to sunlight and should apply sunscreen creams. According to the physician, additional Q-switch laser sessions might be recommended.