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What is Cosmelan application?

Cosmelan is a spot treatment and is a treatment we apply especially for pregnancy spots, age spots and sun spots.This system is effective in more superficial spots and has a stain lightening and preventive feature by reducing the melanin pigment in the skin. They also contain substances with peeling properties that are skin peelers. However, since the peeling effect is low, it has few side effects and does not cause crusting. It is suitable for every skin structure and can be applied in winter months.

How is it applied? 

Photographing and skin analysis are performed before and after the procedure. In order to get a more effective result from the stain treatment, it is thoroughly cleaned with vacuum skin cleansing. Spot suppression is performed on the cleaned skin with Q-Switched laser. The skin is prepared for spot treatment. Cosmelan Mask stays on the face for 8-10 hours and the person removes the mask at home. When the person comes to the control after two days, follow-up creams are applied. Moisture mask LED therapies are added to support the treatment. For about 2-3 months, the person is called for control on certain days and followed up by us. 

What should be considered after the application? 

Sun protection and sunscreen should be used every day. After the treatment, it is recommended to perform Q-Switched spot suppression at intervals with the guidance of the specialist.