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Cooltech (Cold Lipolysis)

What is Cooltech Application? 

Cold lipolysis application is the most preferred regional slimming method today. The person who has the application can continue his/her social life after the procedure. Muscle pain and edema are observed in the first week. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, slight bruising may occur in the applied area. It is necessary to pay attention to water consumption before and after the application. Session intervals are 4 to 6 weeks apart and the number of sessions varies according to the person and the problem. This FDA-approved application freezes the target fat cells at -8 degrees with the effect of cold vacuum from regional fats and ensures their breakdown and metabolic excretion from the body.

How is Cooltech Applied?

 The procedure takes about 60 minutes. 2 heads can be used in a single session. During the procedure, mild regional pain is felt for the first 4-5 minutes, then there is no pain throughout the procedure. The person can easily continue his/her daily life. Although Cooltech varies according to the regional fat ratio of people, a single session is sufficient. For people who are overweight and have fat tissue for a longer period of time, the result can be achieved faster and more effectively by increasing the number of sessions instead of a single session and applying 2-3 sessions to the same area. The application interval is 4-6 weeks. After the procedure, redness and slight bruising may occur on the skin. The result starts to be noticed from the 3rd week. The full result is visible within 6-8 weeks. It can be used in combination with other applications, and additional applications can also be used to ensure effectiveness and faster removal of fat.

Who is it suitable for?

Cooltech is suitable for people with a normal or slightly above normal body mass index (BMI), who are generally underweight but have localized fat deposits. Fatty areas should be of a consistency to be vacuumed. It can be easily used in pregnant women 3 months after childbirth and after cesarean section surgery when wound healing is complete.