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Biologique Recherche

What is Biologique Recherche Pigmentation Care?

Biologique recherche is France's famous skin care brand. Spot care, known as Pigm 400 care, is a type of manually applied skin care developed for pigmentation spots, uneven and dull skin conditions. It is formulated as both a preventive and corrective treatment with a concentrate of active ingredients that brighten and protect the skin while reducing dark spots.

It helps to reduce the intensity of blemishes and prevent the appearance of new blemishes. It is an applicable treatment during summer months.

Who Is Not Applicable? 

If there is an infection, allergy, hypersensitivity on the skin surface, pregnant and breastfeeding people are not recommended. 

How is it applied? 

It is recommended 4 sessions with 10 days intervals according to the needs of the person. 

What should be considered? 

It does not affect daily life. Make-up is not required on the same day. Sunscreen is recommended.