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BBL Hero

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What is BBL Hero?

This FDA-approved skin rejuvenation system, which has been proven to rejuvenate and improve the genetic structure of the skin as a result of research conducted at Stanford University in the USA for nearly 20 years, provides a natural and healthy slowing of the aging process of the skin. This application, which is light therapy, is very successful in its effect by accumulating cumulative energy under the skin.

As our skin ages, it begins to slow down and reduce collagen production. However, conditions such as loss of elasticity, sagging and spotting occur on the skin. BBL Hero is a cumulative energy that helps to rejuvenate the DNA of our slowing and decreasing collagen in our skin with heat and light technology, tightening the skin, providing color equality and removing superficial lines.

BBL Hero is used not only for loss of elasticity but also for the treatment of blemishes, acne and rosacea. There is no pain in the procedure.

There are different wavelengths applied according to the needs of the person. Ironing process is performed on the skin. The number of sessions varies according to the application area and the person.

BBL Hero has a faster and more comfortable session compared to normal BBL. Since the head is colder, the patient feels less heat and the session time is shorter since the pulses are faster.

How to apply BBL Hero?

After detailed skin analysis, filters of different wavelengths are selected to improve skin imperfections on the skin. Skin Tight application is performed for at least 4 sessions to increase skin firmness and collagen activity. If needed, the number of sessions can change to 6-8 sessions. It is requested to come to sessions at least once a week, at most three weeks apart. This procedure can be performed in all seasons. After 6 months or 1 year, protection sessions are recommended. 

Who is not suitable for BBL Hero?
  • Pregnant women,
  • Epilepsy patients,
  • Those with open wounds in the area to be treated,
  • Those who are treated for Zoretanin or Roaccutane,
  • It is not applied to cancer patients and those undergoing treatment.

What should be considered after the application?

We can continue our daily life from where we left off. It is recommended to use sunscreen after the procedure.