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Q-Switch Spot

What is Q-Switch?

With the Q SWITCH 1064 wavelength Nd-YAG laser system, pigments are broken down. The broken melanin pigments are also destroyed by our cells over time. The lighter the skin color of the person, the more successful it is. It has a protective treatment feature as it also causes suppression. It is not sensitive to the sun. It is preferred as a preventive treatment in summer.   

Who is it not applied to?

It is not applied to cancer patients, people with active infections or allergies on the skin, pregnant and breastfeeding people.

How is it applied? 

Although it varies according to the needs of the person, 4 sessions with 1 week intervals are generally recommended. 

What should be considered after the application? 

It does not affect daily life. It is recommended to use sunscreen. Avoid exposure to direct sun rays.