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Vacuum Skin Care

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What is a vacuum skin treatment (HydraFacial)?

Vacuum skin care is a safe, practical and extremely comfortable method. It controls the oil balance of the skin. Blackheads are reduced. Improvement is observed in the color tone of the skin cleansed from dead cells. While deep cleansing is achieved with vacuum, the skin's need for purification, moisturizing and antioxidants is met thanks to the solutions given simultaneously. 

How is it applied?

After the skin is cleaned, solutions are applied with vacuum respectively according to the needs of the skin. The procedure time is 45 minutes. At the end of the session, a mask is applied with LED Therapy to relieve the sensitivity of the skin during the vacuum process. After the mask, -78 degree carbon dioxide gas is applied to the skin for 2-3 minutes to disinfect the skin and increase the effect of the care, and the procedure is terminated.

How many sessions are applied and how should the session intervals be?

Depending on the need, 4 sessions are performed consecutively at one-week intervals, while this duration and session intervals may vary for some skin types. 

What should be considered after the application?
  • Make-up should not be applied on the day of the procedure.
  • Sunscreen is applied after care.
  • On the same day, sun rays should be avoided and solarium should not be used.
  • A few days before and after the procedure, epilation of the facial area should be interrupted.