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Making Breast After Cancer

Breast cancer is an increasing medical problem. One in every 8 women develops breast cancer. Worldwide early diagnosis and treatment saves lives in breast cancer. In the treatment of breast cancer in these patients, part of or all of the breast (mastectomy) is removed. The breast is very important for a woman. While cancer treatment is being applied, breast reconstruction can also be performed.

Plastic surgeon should be consulted and information about breast reconstruction should be obtained at the stage of mastectomy decision.

Before Surgery

The surgical method is chosen with a joint decision, taking into account the body structure of the person, breast size, the doctor's experience and the patient's wishes. Detailed information is obtained from the patient. Preoperative photography is done.

Which Methods can be used for Breast Enlargement?

The patient's own tissue, silicone prostheses or combinations are preferred. No method is a single session method. It should be emphasized to patients that they will undergo more than one surgery.

What are Otologue Tissues?

Abdominal tissue (TRAM, DIEP), back tissue (Latissimus Dorsi Muscle), upper leg (quadiceps) inner thigh muscle (TMG), buttock tissue (SGAP) can be used for breast. Abdominal tissue is the most preferred method.

It is preferred if the abdominal tissue of the person is suitable. It is the most similarsite to breast tissue.


General anesthesia is preferred for breast reconstruction. As well as unilateral surgery, this type of surgery can be applied on both breasts.

Surgeries using otologue tissue take longer. Surgeries using abdominal tissue take 5-8 hours, while surgeries using back tissue take 2-4 hours. Back tissue alone can be removed with its skin to form a breast, or only the muscle can be used by placing a implant under it.

The operation time for patients who will be operated only with the implants is 1 to 2 hours. A tissue expander is placed in the first session. After the desired expansion in the skin and muscle tissue, the permanent breast implant is placed.

Which Method Suits Me Better?
Patients with insufficient abdominal tissue, slim balives, patients with small breasts, patients who have had previous abdominal surgery, patients who are inconvenient to receive general anesthesia for a long time, patients who do not want additional scars on another part of their body are candidates for breast construction with silicone implants.

Abdominal tissue is the first option in patients who are suitable for breast reconstruction with otologue tissue, if it is sufficient. Then the back is considered as the second option. If the back tissue will be insufficient, a combination with implant may be considered.

After Surgery

Hospitalization is 2 to 3 days on average. You will have a urinary catheter and drains after surgery. Eating usually starts the following day. The patient will wear anti-embolism stockings. after eating starts, the patient is mobilized. The urine bag is removed when walking. Drains can be removed when the fluid amount coming in decreases. Your dressings may remain open for about 2 to 3 days after discharge and you are allowed to take a bath. You can return to work 10-15 days after surgery, but you should stay away from heavy activities for 4-6 weeks.

Why You Need More Than One Session?

After your first surgery, both breasts may not be completely symmetrical. Often in the second sessions, the opposite breast is made to resemble the reconstructed breast. This can be done with breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift methods. After symmetry is achieved, a nipple is created in the 3rd session.

How to Make a Nipple?

It is performed under local anesthesia, under office circumstances. Your own tissue on the reconstructed breast is folded with appropriate methods to create a 3-dimensional raised nipple. Then, a dark colored area is made around the nipple with tattoo (tatuage) method.

Side Effects

Breast reconstruction has certain risks. After surgeries performed with the own tissue, circulatory problems may occur in the tissue. If such problems occur, the person may have to undergo surgery again.