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Spot Treatment

Pigment substances called "melanin" in our skin determine the skin color of individuals. The skin color darkens according to the amount of melanin it contains. Sun spots, age spots and pregnancy spots (melasma) are caused by an increase in melanin pigment. At the same time, prolonged sun exposure ages the skin and prepares the ground for fine wrinkles.

When these spots become visible, they can be uncomfortable. It is everyone's dream to get rid of them. After a detailed skin analysis in our clinic, we help you to get rid of your blemishes.

But it should not be forgotten that the spot problem cannot be completely eliminated. You will definitely need to renew your treatment every year. Most spots recur with sun exposure. With regular treatments, it never becomes as bad as before. Regular treatment and serious sun protection play a key role. This is why spot treatments are not done in summer. Only maintenance treatments are allowed to continue under control. 

Daily use of vitamin C and antioxidant tablets are recommended as additional treatment. It is also very important to maintain the moisture balance of the skin. If skin moisturization is not sufficient with cosmetic products, it should be supported with moisture injections. 

How to Get Rid of Blemishes and Fine Wrinkles?

Peeling procedures, light energy therapies (BBL), lasers (Q-switch) and Cosmelan- Dermamelan kit methods can be used to get rid of and suppress blemishes.

It is possible to get rid of these problems by renewing the upper layer of the skin with some peeling procedures on the skin. Thus, collagen production increases, cell division accelerates and dead skins disappear. The most suitable method for the skin structure and needs of the person is selected and applied. Skin peeling and rejuvenation methods: Laser skin peeling, chemical peeling or physical peeling. Chemical peeling and laser skin peeling procedures are performed in our clinic. 

What is Laser Skin Peeling? 

It is possible to perform skin peeling with ablative CO2 lasers or Coolaser (Erbium laser). These lasers show specific retention against water. Thus, it causes damage by targeting the water in the epithelial cell in the top layer of the skin. With these devices, it is possible to determine the depth and application area suitable for the skin and stain structure of the person. It is recommended to be performed in the winter period. 

Cosmelan-Dermamelan mask

This treatment has spot lightening and preventive properties by reducing the melanin pigment in the skin. They also contain substances with peeling properties that peel the skin. However, since the peeling effect is low, it has few side effects and does not cause crusting. It is suitable for every skin structure and can be applied in winter. It is also useful for acne scars.

Cosmelan is suitable for more superficial spots, while Dermamelan is suitable for more deeply located spots.

Face and body applications can be made. After the first application, the mask stays on the face for 8-12 hours and the person removes the mask at home. When the person comes to the control after 48 hours, follow-up creams are applied and training is given and supportive LED therapies are added in our clinic. For about 2-3 months, the person is called for control on certain days and followed up by us. The person's compliance with the treatment increases the chance of success. 

BBL Hero

It is a light therapy that has been used in USA for about 20 years and is very successful with its cumulative effect. The wavelength and special head is applied according to the needs of the person. If it is to be applied for stains, a special wavelength head and filter are used and specific shots are made on the stain.

It does not require any anesthesia. The required number of shots are given to the required areas according to the needs of the person. Thanks to its special head, specific shots can be made on the face, body and small lesions. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. Mild crusting is observed and the crusts fall off spontaneously within a few days. Skin moisturizing and sun protection are important. Repeat sessions may be required.  

Q-Switch ND-YAG Laser

It is a product of laser technology. Pigments are broken down with the Q-switch Nd-YAG laser system. The broken melanin pigments are also destroyed by our cells over time. The lighter the skin color of the person, the more successful it is. It also has a preventive treatment feature as it also causes suppression. It does not cause crusting and skin peeling. It is painless and does not require anesthesia. It is especially recommended for spot patients before the summer months so that the number of spots that may occur in summer is kept under control with suppression. 

All treatments are personalized. After the examination of our doctors, the most suitable treatment plan is made for you. All treatments are not performed at the same time. Applications do not give results in a single session. More than one session and combined approaches may be required.