Top 5 Non-Surgical


The administration of toxin is effective in both wrinkle treatment and sweating control. It is usually administered in the hands, feet and armpit for sweating. The toxin locally inhibits the release of the substance that causes sweating, and no sweating occurs.

Human body may sweat through the whole skin. Therefore, it will not give rise to harmful effects to stop sweating on an area composing up to 1% of the body surface, such as such as hands, feet and armpits.


2.Lip augmentation

It aims to add volume to the lips with ready-to-use hyaluronic acid injections. It is a personalized treatment. The amount and permanency of the filling are mutually decided by the doctor and the patient. Lips should never be assessed separately. The corners of the mouth, smoker's lines around the lips, moisture situation of the lip mucosa, grooves between the nasal edge and mouth (nasolabial) and the grooves between the mouth and the jaw (marionette lines) should be assessed together. In addition to lips augmentation, additional procedures may be required depending on the additional defects. The filler to be applied may be selected according to its permanency.


3.Mesotherapy and Mesolifting

With aging, the functions of the skin cells also slow down. There are decrease and slowdown in the production of the substances produced by the skin cells. This leads to a pale and dry skin with fine wrinkles. Mesolifting is the giving the skin the nutrients it needs using several products prepared with special formulas. It restores the brightness, moisture balance and healthy appearance of the skin. The nutrients include combinations of vitamins, minerals, polypeptides, firming agents and moisturizing agents.



It is a very successful light therapy with its cumulative effect used in America for nearly 20 years. There are different wavelengths applied based on individual needs. The procedure is almost like ironing the skin. By rejuvenating the genetics of the skin's own cells, it breaks down unwanted pigmentation with a special wavelength. The number of sessions varies according to the application area and individual.

Application areas:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Superficial sunspots
  • Capillary problems
  • Acne Treatment


Coolaser is an advanced laser technology and it is used to remove the upper layer of the skin without burning the skin. After the procedure, the newly formed skin will be younger, brighter and smoother. The laser is used to increase the production of collagen on the deeper skin layers.