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Regional Slimming/Firming

The biggest factor for weight loss is lifestyle change. The aim of weight loss is to reduce body mass index. Lifestyle change includes diet and sports. Healthy eating habits that can be maintained throughout life should be our main goal. 

The target in regional thinning is the excess in localized areas. The aim of these procedures is not to lose weight, but to correct body contours and reduce the amount of regional fat that you cannot lose despite sports and diet. Thanks to special devices, we have the chance to intervene in regional excess fat. Your treatment varies according to your lifestyle, work intensity and session intervals. The most suitable treatment protocol will be determined in consultation with our doctor.

It is possible to achieve success with combined tightening, regional slimming and cellulite packages for those who can follow multiple sessions, patients who are not suitable for surgery or who do not want surgery. In our clinic, with many energy-based devices and special injections for collagen stimulation, the treatment plan suitable for you can be made by our specialist doctors. 

Energy Devices Used in Regional Slimming and Tightening; 
  • Onda
  • BodyLab
  • Cooltech
  • Body FX
  • AVT
  • Frozen Body