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Simultaneous Breast Reconstruction in Breast Cancer

In the past years, patients who were diagnosed with breast cancer, a part of breast was removed, and additional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy were completed, were applying  for breast reconstruction. Today, general surgery doctors refer the patient to plastic surgery as soon as they diagnose breast cancer. In this way, both cancer treatment and breast reconstruction are performed in a single operation. The fact that the patient does not have a period without a breast increases her psychological resilience in the process of fighting the disease.


In simultaneous reconstruction, silicone implants are preferred. The operation time takes 3-4 hours together with general surgery team. 

After Surgery

Hospitalization is 3-4 days on average. You will have a urinary catheter and drains after surgery. Eating usually starts the next day. The patient will wear anti-embolism stockings. When eating starts, the patient is mobilized. The urine bag is removed when walking. Drains can be removed when the fluid amount coming in decreases. Your dressings may remain open for about 2 to 3 days after discharge and you are allowed to take a bath. You can return to work 10-15 days after surgery, but you should stay away from heavy activities for 4-6 weeks.

Side Effects

There may be early and late side effects related to general anesthesia and surgery. Enlarged scar tissue (scars), tissue loss in the nipple, delayed healing problems are the most common ones. Special treatments for scars will be planned by your doctor.