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Capillary Treatment

ItIt is a superficial cobweb-like appearance of very thin blood vessels, often seen in women and on the legs. It often does not indicate a serious disease and constitutes a cosmetic problem. It does not cause additional complaints, and its incidence increases with aging. There is a genetic predisposition, but factors such as pregnancy history, weight gain, and prolonged standing may increase their number.

Superficial capillaries (varicose veins) may also become visible in main vein problems. A cardiovascular surgeon should be consulted to rule out vascular problems. If there is no underlying vascular disease, treatment methods can be safely applied in our clinic.

What are the Treatment Options? 
It can be treated with intravenous injections of a substance called sclerotherapy, laser or broad spectrum light applications. 

Copper Bromide Laser 

Copper bromide laser with highly effective and safe technology repairs your skin and completely eliminates the appearance of your capillaries. Moreover, after this laser treatment, you will not have the problem of cracked veins again. Thanks to this method, other parts of your skin are not damaged in any way. It does not require anesthesia. It is a local treatment. It has a specific effect on the vein. It may cause mild redness and there may be flaking for 1-2 days. Moisturizing the skin will be sufficient. Sun protection is recommended.  

BBL Hero 

It is the application of laser beam pulses adjusted according to the appropriate wavelength to the localized vein area. It is applied under office circumstances in 5 minutes without anesthesia. It may require more than one session. It is a local treatment, it is effective only in the area where it is shot. 


is a method of intravascular injection of sclerosing substances, i.e. substances that cause intravascular coagulation. They are injected into predetermined veins with very thin needles. Afterwards, an elastic bandage is applied to the area in order to prevent dispersion. It does not require anesthesia. It is a 10–20-minute procedure under office circumstances. More than one session may be required according to personal needs and the width of the vascularization area.

It is not applied to those who use blood thinners and pregnant women. It is a method applied in all seasons. There may be slight redness and bruising at the localized injection site. It is a safe application with no side effects expected.