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Facelift and Neck Lift

With aging, the negative effects of chronic sun exposure, stress and gravity, the skin will sag and get wrinkled and the youthful contour of the face will deteriorate. The main goal of neck and face lift surgeries is to renew the aging skin and get rid of the sagging and wrinkled facial appearance. The sagging cheeks and chin edges are corrected to achieve a youthful facial contour. These surgeries are often accompanied by eyelid surgeries, neck lift procedures, eyebrow lift and skin rejuvenation procedures.

Who Can It Be Applied To? 

It can be applied to both women and men. If there is a deepening in the groove between the base of the nose and the edge of the mouth, if sagging has occurred on the jawline, if there is wrinkling on the neck and facial skin, you are a suitable candidate to turn back time with facelift surgery.

What are the Types of Face and Neck Lift Surgery?

Mini Face Lift: 
It is performed with a much more limited incision. The surgery is performed with an incision in the natural fold in front of the ear. It gives good results to patients with problems on the cheek and jawline. It is insufficient for patients with neck problems.

Standard Facelift and Neck Lift: 
A longer incision is applied. It is used with incisions starting from inside the hair and extending from the front of the ear to the back. Deep soft tissues are suspended on the cheek and jaw line, neck muscles are tightened. Excess skin is removed.

Before Surgery 
Detailed medical information about the person is obtained. Medications and additional diseases are questioned. The person's expectations and complaints about his/her face are listened to. The procedures can be done to the person's face and image will be obtained are discussed together. Patient examination is performed. Appropriate photography is done.

is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. The most appropriate method is chosen according to the person's complaints. Small drains are placed through the incision sites. Appropriate bandaging and dressings are applied. 

After Surgery 
Eating starts in the early postoperative period and the patient is mobilized after eating. The patient stays in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights. Drains are removed on the 1st-2nd day after surgery. There may be mild swelling and bruises on the face and neck. These reach tolerable levels after 10- 14 days. You can take a bath 1 to 2 days after discharge. Stitches dissolve on their own. You can start working in about 2 weeks. Light activities can be started after 2 to 3 weeks and heavy activities after 1 month.

How Many Years Younger Will I Get? 
It is a question related to the preoperative condition of the person. We will turn back about 5-10 years of time.

Will I Have Noticeable Scars? 
Surgeries cannot be performed without incisions. The best method is to hide the scars. For this reason, incisions are made in front of and behind the ear starting from the hairline in the natural folds. Over time, the scars will soften and lighten in color so they will not be visible. Your doctor will apply treatment for scars if necessary.

What Are The Risks? 
There are some risks associated with anesthesia or surgery. Some risks may include bleeding, infection, facial asymmetries due to nerve damage, prolonged swelling and prominent scarring.  They are not very common and can be treated. Such risks are more common in smokers.

Although we can turn back time with these surgeries, aging continues. There is no need for a repeat surgery in about 5-10 years. With additional procedures such as brow lift, eyelid surgeries, laser skin resurfacing, fat injections, botulinum toxin and filling applications, the results will be more balanced and beautiful for a longer time.