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Frozen Face


What is the Frozen Face ?

This method, also known as needle-free mesotherapy, helps to apply a comfortable procedure thanks to its cold head. Fine wrinkles on the skin surface are reduced. The skin becomes firmer and fuller. It distributes the serum distributed on the device head evenly on the skin, not from individual points as in needle procedures. This provides a much more effective result on the skin. It is a suitable method for people who do not prefer fillers. 

How is it applied?

According to the result of the analysis, serums are determined according to the needs of the skin. The skin becomes ready for the procedure after cleansing. Before the procedure, with the help of cold radiofrequency and serums with active ingredients, collagen increase, skin tightening and rejuvenation are provided. This stage lasts 20 minutes. Then, with the help of electroporation, it creates an electrical field on the skin and creates micro channels on the skin. These channels help the serums with active ingredients for the treatment and needs of the skin to penetrate into the substrate where the cells are damaged and in need of moisture. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Finally, sunscreen cream is applied.

How many sessions are performed and what are the session intervals?

It is applied for 4 consecutive sessions at one-week intervals. Afterwards, protection sessions are recommended to maintain the effect.

To whom is it not applicable?
  • It is not applied to pregnant women.
  • It is not applied in case of open wound infection in the applied area.