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Anionic Care

What is Anionic Care?

O2toderm anionic oxygen care is a new technology to cleanse and regenerate the skin. Environmental factors and harmful toxins in the air damage the skin. This innovative system allows oxygen to penetrate deep into the skin and activates the cells while energizing the skin. O2toderm products perfectly interact with the anionic oxygen and led light delivered to the skin. While delivering vitamins to the skin, it provides the skin with a clearer, cleaner and healthier skin.  

How to Apply?

O2toderm is a very comfortable application. The led light covering the whole face transmits negative ions to the skin with a 90% pure anionic oxygen generating device. By energizing and strengthening the skin, it helps the products applied during the procedure to penetrate deeper. Not only on the skin surface but also through inhalation, anionic oxygen increases the oxygen level in our blood and fights against free radicals, which are the most effective in skin aging.

O2toderm can be safely applied to all skin types and provides moisture and shine to the skin after the procedure.

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