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What is Exion Face? 

Exion Face technology is an energy-based application that aims to increase hyaluronic acid production up to 224% in the applied areas by combining radiofrequency and ultrasound system for the first time with artificial intelligence technology that allows the skin to gain volume without any foreign substance under the skin and as a result, it helps the skin to heal itself with a more natural appearance.
Non-invasive, in other words, EXION FACE, which tightens the skin without any incision, is an application that we get effective results even in the most sensitive areas on the face thanks to its special facial head.
EXION FACE, which stimulates fibroblast cells by increasing blood circulation and affecting the deep dermis layers and subsequently increasing collagen production in the skin, allows the skin to regenerate itself by creating controlled thermal heat under the skin.

How is Exion Face applied?

It is an application that can be completed in short periods of time in a clinical environment. The treatment protocol is determined according to the needs of the person, taking into account the structure, deformation and demands of the skin. It is an application that is almost painless and comfortable enough to be called painless. The mechanical head is moved on the skin surface with a specially developed head for the face.

Who is not suitable for Exion Face?

Although it is a reliable application, EXION FACE application cannot be applied to pregnant women because the effects of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy on babies are not known. It cannot be applied to those with open wounds on the skin surface.

What should be considered after Exion Face application?
  • We can continue our daily life from where we left off.
  • It is recommended to keep the skin moisturized and use sunscreen.
  • Drinking plenty of water will accelerate the healing process of the skin.