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What is Then-Hi Application?
It is a monopolar radiofrequency system that fights the loss of elasticity in the face and around the eyes, tightens the skin, tightens the facial oval, improves skin quality and reduces the signs of aging. 

How is it applied? 

The patch is placed on the back area, then a special cream is applied to the area to be applied and the procedure begins. During the procedure, there is a slight sensation of heat and a slight pinking in the area. After the procedure, the person can continue his/her social life. 

Which Areas Is It Applied?
  • Face applications
  • Eye contour and wrinkles
What are the Application Intervals?

 It is recommended to apply between 4 and 6 sessions in line with the needs of the person and the problem on the skin. The application is performed at intervals of 1 to 15 days per week. 

What is the Application Time?
It takes 30 minutes for the entire face area and an average of 10 minutes for the eye area. 

Who Is Not Applicable? 
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with open wounds on the face
  • People with implants in their body