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Nose Filler

What is Nose Filling?

 The nose is the most striking organ in the center of our face. Nose plastic surgery is the most common procedure we perform. Nasal tissue can be enlarged or reduced with surgery. For patients who are not suitable for surgery, who do not consider nose surgery, who want minimal changes in the nose or who complain of asymmetry, it is possible to achieve changes in the shape of the nose with filler applications. However, nose shaping with fillers is not suitable for every nose structure. Your suitability for nasal filling application should be checked with your doctor. With the help of fillers, it is possible to lift the tip of the nose, reduce the appearance of the nasal hump, eliminate asymmetries due to surgery or independent asymmetries, and add volume to the collapsed areas. The hump appearance in the nose can also be reduced by adding volume to the radix and supratip areas.

What is Done Before the Procedure?

The areas to be filled in the nose are determined. Detailed medical history, patient examination, patient's expectations, information about the procedure, pre-procedure photography are performed. 

How is the Process Carried Out?

The dose required for correction is applied to the required areas by microinjection method. The fillers contain local anesthetic substances. They prevent pain during and after the application phase. The procedure takes about 10-20 minutes.

What should be Considered After the Procedure?

Although it is a needle procedure, swelling and bruising are not expected after nasal filling application. Mild swelling and bruising may be seen the next day. The person can easily go to work the next day. The net result will settle within 1 week. Reapplication may be required.