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About Us

Rene Clinic was founded in 2013 by Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer and Esthetician Nur Bilen Yavuzer. As Rene Clinic family, we have been providing the beauty services using both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures since 2013. 

Growing with a dynamic development in line with what to do better for you at all times, Rene Clinic is primarily focused to offer the best services. Rene Clinic’s team consists of the most reputable and talented doctors and estheticians with a portfolio of both local and international patients. 

Today, as the technological infrastructure is the most important factor in the aesthetic industry as with every field, we offer you all the innovations in the aesthetic industry. We always aim to offer you the best in beauty and care procedures as well as the invasive and non-invasive medical procedures using our FDA-approved instruments. In line with the skin analysis performed with the VISIA skin analyzer in our clinic before all procedures, we perform the treatments that are properly suitable for the skin's problems, sensitivity and age. Thanks to our Vectra 3D simulator, the opportunity of three-dimensional simulation before surgery is one of the top-level technologies available in our clinic. 

We have two departments consisting of 5 estheticians, 3 doctors and a micropigmentation specialist in our clinic. Moreover, as an international training academy, our clinic hosts doctors from all over the world every year for the trainings given by Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer.


Our patients trust us & you can too