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Criyo Shine

What is Cryo Shine?

Cryo Shine is a painless cold therapy method using vaporized liquid nitrogen gas. Liquid nitrogen gas is sprayed onto the skin and cools the applied area to -162 degrees. While the intense cold has both healing and revitalizing effects, it causes the blood vessels to shrink and tighten. Therefore, when the skin returns to normal, the blood vessels rapidly dilate and accelerate circulation. It can also be applied as a soothing cold therapy after aggressive procedures. There are protocols for face and body. 

What is CO2 Carboxy Therapy Mask?

CO2 Mask, which is a powerful natural antioxidant with its active ingredients, can be applied alone or as a complementary additional treatment. By increasing the oxygen production of the skin, it helps to deeply purify, moisturize and equalize the skin tone.
It increases the blood flow of the damaged area. It helps collagen synthesis, which plays an important role in skin rejuvenation.
CO2 Mask, which we also use in the treatment of acne and oily skin, balances sebum and allows the skin to renew itself.
Skin quality increases and a healthier and brighter skin is obtained.

What is Led Light Therapy?

 It is a skin treatment method that allows the skin to heal itself. The most important feature of the application is to accelerate the skin regeneration process. The application, also known as youth light, increases the activity of collagen tissue under the skin. Light therapy is available in 4 different colors: yellow, blue, red and green light. Many skin problems allow us to get better results after regular treatment. Led therapy, which can also be applied after surgical operations, has features such as accelerating the healing of wounds caused by the operation, reducing edema and shortening the re-vascularization process. 

What are the features of led therapy lights?

Yellow Light: Regulates the blood circulation of the skin. It is detox effective. Soothes skin rashes. Can be used in early shingles suppression. 
Blue Light: Used in acne treatment. It has soothing properties for sensitive skin. 
Red Light: Triggers collagen production and increases activity. Tightens pores. Used in the treatment of damaged tissues. It is very effective in removing prominent wrinkles and removing edema caused by surgical operations. 
Green Light: Relieves skin sensitivity. Prevents excess melanin production. It is used in spot treatment. 

What is the Procedure Time?

Total procedure time is 30 minutes.  

Who Is Not Applicable?
  • Open wound area,
  • Burn areas,
  • Pregnant women,
  • It is not applied to the area with herpes.