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Top 5 Beauty & Care


It reshapes and smoothens the skin by heating the dermis with synchronized RF, increasing the level of collagen and elastin fibers. At the same time, it increases the support of facial tissues by selectively contracting the muscles, increasing the density and quality of the muscle structure. The combined effect of increased muscle tone and skin reshaping provides a reduction in wrinkles and overall facial lifting. 

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2. BBL Hero

This FDA-approved skin rejuvenation system, which has been proven to rejuvenate and improve the genetic structure of the skin as a result of research conducted at Stanford University in the USA for nearly 20 years, provides a natural and healthy slowing of the aging process of the skin. This application, which is light therapy, is very successful in its effect by accumulating cumulative energy under the skin.

As our skin ages, it begins to slow down and reduce collagen production. However, conditions such as loss of elasticity, sagging and spotting occur on the skin. BBL Hero is a cumulative energy that helps to rejuvenate the DNA of our slowing and decreasing collagen in our skin with heat and light technology, tightening the skin, providing color equality and removing superficial lines.

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3. Super Clean Rene Facial

It is a gentle and powerful vacuum skin care that cleanses the skin in 3 stages. Unlike other devices, it helps to deliver the solutions to the deeper layers of the skin with its 360° rotating head, while at the same time creating an exfoliating effect. 

Phase 1: Opens clogged pores and removes the dead layer from the skin.

Phase 2: Balances skin oil and removes blackheads from the skin.

Phase 3: Transmits antioxidants and moisture to the skin.

Afterwards, Carboxy Theraphy CO2 mask is applied to the skin.
  • Supports protein synthesis in the skin.
  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • It activates blood circulation in the skin.
  • It helps the skin to moisturize and retain water.
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EMTONE is a device that provides both thermal and mechanical energy at the same time to eliminate all the main causes of cellulite and sagging skin in a non-invasive way.

It works against the enlargement of fat chambers, damage to collagen fibers and loss of elasticity that cause the appearance of cellulite. By accelerating the blood circulation in the area, it eliminates the cellulite problem caused by metabolic waste.

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Exion Face technology is an energy-based application that aims to increase hyaluronic acid production up to 224% in the applied areas by combining radiofrequency and ultrasound system for the first time with artificial intelligence technology that allows the skin to gain volume without any foreign substance under the skin and as a result, it helps the skin to heal itself with a more natural appearance.
Non-invasive, in other words, EXION FACE, which tightens the skin without any incision, is an application that we get effective results even in the most sensitive areas on the face thanks to its special facial head.
EXION FACE, which stimulates fibroblast cells by increasing blood circulation and affecting the deep dermis layers and subsequently increasing collagen production in the skin, allows the skin to regenerate itself by creating controlled thermal heat under the skin.