Top 5 Beauty & Care

Vacuum Skin Care

Vacuum skin care is a safe, practical, and extremely comfortable method. It controls the oil balance of the skin. A decrease in black spots is observed. Improvement in the color tone of the skin cleaned from dead cells is observed. Depending on the need, 4 sessions are held in succession at one-week intervals, while this period and session intervals vary in some skins. Thanks to the solutions that are given concurrently with the vacuum and determined according to the needs of the skin, skin cleansing, superficial peel effect, intense moisturization, and deep cleaning with vitamins are provided.
The procedure takes 45 minutes, a mask is applied to relieve the sensitivity of the skin during the vacuum procedure. After the mask, -78 degrees of carbon dioxide gas is applied to the skin for 2-3 minutes to disinfect the skin and increase the impact of the care, and the procedure is terminated.

Cosmelan Spot Treatment

It is a cosmetic product that can be applied to sunspots, melasma (due to hormonal imbalance). It suppresses pigments that cause spot formation and helps to reduce the amount of melanin in the skin. As it contains a mild peeling agent, it does not cause severe damage to the skin. There is a 1-3-month treatment period. It is applied to all types of skin.

Eyebrow Application

 The micropigmentation process is the method of increasing the eyebrow volume in the direction of natural hair, without changing the shape of the eyebrow. This is the process of placing the pigment under the skin using nanoneedles. Having these pigments to be undergone all allergy tests and to be approved by certain health institutions are crucial for medical and aesthetic results. A large amount of time is spent to find both the right shape and the right color before applying. After these are decided, the eyebrow area is anesthetized to prevent pain during the procedure, which will take approximately 2 hours. Mild itching may occur after the procedure, but itching disappears within two weeks. Taking good care of the area treated and using the cream given by us at intervals for two weeks are of utmost importance for color permanence and healthy healing. After two months, with the process called refill, the micro pigmentation process is finished by giving the final shape and color to the eyebrow for control. The process lasts not more than two years.


 It is a very successful light therapy with its cumulative effect used in America for nearly 20 years. There are different wavelengths applied based on individual needs. The procedure of almost ironing is performed on the skin. By rejuvenating the genetics of the skin's own cells, it breaks down unwanted pigmentation with a special wavelength. The number of sessions varies according to the application area and individual.

 Application areas:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Superficial sunspots
  • Capillary problems
  • Acne Treatment

ONDA Regional Slimming & Cellulite Treatment

 It is a way of aesthetic treatment that provides the reduction of cellulite in the body with the help of electromagnetic rays. Called Coolwaves, this method reduces the fat in the body using microwave energy and provides a smooth body.

 What are the usage areas?

  •  It is used with a high success rate in regional slimming, cellulite treatment, and tightening.

The application areas:  The hips, buttocks, front leg, hind leg, inner leg, abdomen, waist edges, etc.