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Skin Rejuvenation

It is the process of peeling the upper layers of our skin with a number of methods. These methods can be chemical or with lasers. A controlled peeling can be done much more easily with ablative (peeling) lasers. Since the upper layer of the skin can regenerate itself, it heals without any scars. Recovery time varies depending on the depth of peeling after the procedure. It may take approximately 5-7 days. In the first days, redness is high and then there is healing with flaky skin exfoliation. During this period, it requires good moisturizing and sun protection. With the skin rejuvenation process, fine wrinkles are reduced, pores are reduced, skin surface irregularities are reduced, and revitalization and brightening are seen due to increased skin quality. It may require more than one session depending on the needs of the person and the thickness of the skin. After skin resurfacing, it should be combined with mesotherapies to improve skin quality. 

Erbium Laser (Coolaser) 

Coolaser is an advanced laser technology and its aim is to remove the top layer without burning the skin. After this process, a new, younger, brighter and smoother skin develops from underneath. The effect of the laser on the deep layers is an increase in collagen production. 

CO2 Laser 

Removal of the upper levels without burning the skin surface also allows us to treat the middle and deep dermis levels under the skin with thermal damage in a sensitive and effective way. It is a skin resurfacing procedure. With this laser, lesion excision, skin resurfacing, mole (nevus) removal, hypertrophic scars can be treated. 

Danish Skin Laser 

Fractional laser system is one of the laser devices of the future with impressive clinical results. Frax offers various non-ablative treatment options for different skin problems. It can be applied including the eye area. The most important features are tightening of the neck area and skin with collagen support, controlled damage to the skin surface and equalization in color tone. Comfort is at the highest level during applications with this device. It can also be safely applied to the lips. 


Micro Needling device is an automated micro-needling technology with a disposable tip cartridge consisting of 12 micro-needles that use specialized technology to penetrate the skin vertically. The stamping action of Micro Needling's vertical tip creates invisible micro-injuries in the skin, while stimulating the skin's natural ability to heal itself and increase the production of new collagen. In doing so, these micro-injuries stimulate the body's ability to regrow and repair the skin through normal physiological processes. In this way, the skin is rejuvenated, fine wrinkles disappear, pores are narrowed, scars are filled, the skin glows and is refreshed.