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Vitamin Injection

There are two basic techniques in practice. The first one is the delivery of low doses into the skin in sessions by microinjection method from many points, and the second one is the delivery of higher doses to deep fat tissue in the form of depot.

The choice is determined according to the needs of the person and the decision of your doctor. Vitamin injections contain vitamin mixtures and 50 different ingredients that the skin needs. The dose and the way it is given is important. It does not require any anesthesia during the procedure. It takes about 10-15 minutes. The person can easily continue his/her daily life. It is sufficient to give those in storage form only two or three times a year. The result obtained in the appropriate mixture often helps to brighten and lighten the skin color, reduce fine wrinkles and meet the skin's moisture needs. The main purpose of the application is to slow down aging of the skin. It can be applied in summer and winter.