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Top 5 Surgical

Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Breast augmentation and reduction surgeries are one of the most common aesthetic surgeries. It is a reliable method that can be used in breast shape and volume disorders, small breast size, and symmetry disorders of the breasts. It is also a frequently used method for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery or for symmetry with the other breast. Implants, which have been in use for many years around the world, are very reliable.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

The nose is an organ that is at the center of our face, that we see every day, and that is important both for its shape and its role in breathing. Rhinoplasty is the most common plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is the reshaping, reduction or enlargement of certain parts of the nose. At the same time, nasal reconstruction surgeries can also be performed after nasal injury due to congenital anomaly or trauma.

Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction is a frequently preferred surgery that provides shaping of body contours and the breakdown of excess fat. In addition to the classical liposuction method, there is also a method that breaks down fat with the help of ultrasonic sound waves. The basic principle is to break down the fat with energy waves before fat extraction. With these methods, there is less likelihood of roughness on the skin surface. Since the effect of the energies is concentrated in the lower layers, skin recovery can also be achieved. This ultrasound energy is specific to adipose tissue and does not damage tissues such as vessels and nerves, thus allowing faster healing. Fat removal surgeries are not weight loss surgeries. It is applied to areas with excess fat tissue that create contour problems.

Neck And Facelift

The negative effects of chronic sun exposure, stress and gravity, the skin will sag and wrinkle and the youthful contour of the face will deteriorate with aging. The main goal of neck and face lift surgeries is to renew the aging skin and get rid of the sagging and wrinkled facial appearance. The sagging cheeks and jaws are corrected to achieve a youthful facial contour. These surgeries are often accompanied by eyelid surgeries, neck lift procedures, eyebrow lift and skin rejuvenation procedures.


Eyelid Surgery

It is a surgery that can be applied to both the upper and lower eyelids, removing excess skin and the fat layer that causes puffiness. The aim of the surgery is to achieve a flatter, attractive and younger eye contour. Because over the years, with stress and insomnia, skin sagging and fat pads will form around the eyes, and the eyelid will give a tired and old looking expression and negatively affect your visual field. Upper and lower eyelid surgeries can be performed independently or in the same session. It can be applied to both men and women.