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Prof. Dr.
Reha Yavuzer

Reha Yavuzer was born in Ankara, 1969.

After finishing middle and high school in T.E.D Ankara College, he studied his medical degree in Ankara University Medical School, which he was accepted as the number one student. He graduated as the third among his class and obtained his medical doctor title in 1992. He continued his plastic surgeon education, through the years 1992-1998) at Gazi University Medical School, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Between 1998-1999, he did a clinic fellowship under Dr. Ian T. Jackson in the United States. During his time in the U.S, he attended many surgeries including aesthetic surgeries and the repair of the head and neck region. After returning to Turkey in September 1999, he started working as a lecturer at Gazi University. He became a assistant professor in October 2001. He was in the U:S again during 2003-2004 where he attended a Surgical Assistant program. After the took the exam in April 2004, he was awarded the title associate professor. He later on became a professor in May 2010. Dr. Reha Yavuzer published over 140 both national and international articles. His scientific articles were referenced more than 430 times from all over the world. Having attended many national and international Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery meetings, Dr. Yavuzer has contributed to over 200 scientific reports and has organized numerous panels, hearings, workshops, and conferences. He is still currently a board director at the Turkish Plastic Surgery Association and is the member of 11 other national and international Scientific Associations. Aesthetic surgery, minimal invasive antiaging, craniofacial surgery, maxillofacial surgery being his prime topics of expertise, Dr. Yavuzer is currently an active staff of the Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital.

Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association

International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

American Society of Plastic Surgeons World Society of Anti Aging Medicine

International Bone Research Association European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ESOPRS

European Association of Plastic Surgeons EURAPS

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Turkey Clinics of Medical Studies Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery National Consultants Member

AO Foundation

Beauty Expert & Consultant
Nur Yavuzer

Born in 1980, Ankara.

After finishing Visual Arts High school music division, she graduated from Bilkent University with a degree in tourism.

After a 13 year career in tourism, her greatest passion ‘beauty’ became her new line of work.

She recieved professional diplomas in the fields of makeup and micropigmentation.

She attended numerous courses and conferences on beauty and care.


Professional aesthetician Nur Yavuzer along with her husband Dr. Reha Yavuzer founded Rene Clinic. She is the first beauty consultant of Turkey and continues to share her expertise and knowledge by giving courses on makeup and micropigmentation.


Spc. Dr.
Kırdar Güney

Kırdar Güney was born in Ankara, 1983.

He finished elementary school in Private Gundogdu College, middle and high school in Karatay Anatolian High School Konya where he was fourth among his class. He studied medicine at Ankara University. He graduated fifth among his class in 2007 and obtained his title as a medical doctor. He continued his education at Gazi University studying Plastic , Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery between the years 2007-2014

which he after obtained the title specialist doctor. He later did mandatory social work at Konya Education and Research Hospital. He was successful in his exams and obtained certificates from the Turkish Plastic Surgeons Association and European Plastic Surgeon Board.

He has published both national and international articles as well as attended various scientific meetings.

In the year 2016 he started working as a specialist doctor in Rene Clinic.

Zeynep Göçtürk

Born in 1984 Ankara, Zeynep Göçtürk graduated from Başkent University with a degree in office management.

Between 2006-2012, she worked in the Purchase Division of MNG Holding.

Since March 2013, she is working as a director at Rene Clinic.

Yasemin Erdoğan

Born in 1991 Istanbul, she studied a biology degree in Kocaeli University.

She worked at Zara between 2013-2016.

She worked at a private clinic between 2016-2017.

Since June 2017, she is working as a patient relations specialist at Rene Clinic.

Patient Relations Specialist
Serdar Akalın

Born in 1982 Istanbul, Serdar Akalın graduated from Küçükçekmece High School.

In 2001, he graduated from Mustafa Nevzet Pissak Education Center.

In 2002, he worked as an assistant instructor at Oscar Hair Design center.

He worked at Vepa Limited Company as a Shisedo Cosmetics personnel in 2008.

In 2012, he worked as a make-up artist in Beymen Dolce Gabbana.

He started working as a patient relations specialist at Rene Clinic in August 2015.

Specialist Aesthetician
Emra Aykut

Born in 1980 Germany, Emra Aykut graduated from Anadolu University in 2001 with a degree in foreign commerce.

In 1998-2000, she worked at Atılım Customs Advisory in the exports division.

In 2000-2001, she completed Nişantaşı LCC’s beauty course.

Between 2001-2004, she worked as a specialist aesthetician Yosun Dead Sea Spa Magic Institute.

In 2004-2008, she continued working part-time at Customs Advisory exports division.

In 2009-2012, she worked as an instructor at Estetik Trend Medical Devices company.

As of April 2012, she started working at Rene Clinic as a specialist aesthetician.

Uzm. Estetisyen
Kevser Doğan

1993 yılında K.K.T.C’de doğdu. Namık Kemal Lisesi mezunudur.

2011-2012 yılları arasında BIO-MEST Güzellik ve Kozmetik Okulu’ndan mezun oldu. Daha sonra İstanbul’a gelip, Leyla İnanır Güzellik Akademisi’nde Protez Tırnak ve Makyaj Eğitimi aldı.

2013-2014 yıllarında ESSİ Güzellik ve Akademi de “Estetisyen” olarak çalıştı.

2014-2016 yılları arasında Estanbul Plastik Cerrahi Polikliniği’nde “Uzman Estetisyen” olarak görev aldı.

2016 Temmuz Ayı itibari ile Rene Clinic’te “Uzman Estetisyen” olarak çalışmaktadır.


Specialist Aesthetician
Sevil Demirkır

Born in 1987 Istanbul,Sevil Demirkır studied aesthetics and beauty between 2004-2005 L.L.C. She proceeded to complete her profesional makeup education at Oya Tolga Make up Studio in 2006.

In 2007-2012, she started working as a beauty specialist in Özel Çamlıca Medicana Hospital, dermatology department.

Between 2012-2014, she worked as a beauty specialist in Özel Avcılar Hospital, dermatology department, which she later left and started working at Rene Clinic in 2014.

Since April 2014, she is a specialist aethetician at Rene Clinic performing laser epilation, laser slin renewal, laser acne treatment, skin care, chemical peeling, regional slimming, and professional makeup.

Micropigmentation Specialist
Seda Akyıldız

Born in 1982 Bursa, Seda Akyıldız studied sound engineering between 2002-2005 at Galatasary ITM.

She was a sound technician and director at Saran Digital Studios between 2004-2007.

In 2007-2013, she was a sound technician and director at Aton Productions.

In 2015 she took a micropigmentation and aesthetician course at Akademi Royal Education Foundation

Since July 2015, she is micropigmentation specialist at Rene Clinic.

Ata Yavuzer

Born in 1999, Ata Yavuzer graduated from Hisar High School.

Since September 2017, he is an e-commerce and social media consultant at Rene Clinic

He will begin studying an undergraduate industrial engineering degree at University of Southern California in January 2018.

Murat Bilen

He was born in 1984 Ankara.

He graduted from Başkent University in 2007 with a degree in information systems.

In 2011-2014, he worked as an Oracle ERP consultant at Innova Bilişim Çözümleri company.

In 2014 he started working in Experteam Consultancy as an Oracle ERP consultant.

Between 2014-2017, he worked as an ERP Executive at Emaar Turkey.

Since June 2017, he is working as an e-commerce executive for Beauty Omelette.

Basak Taşdeğirmen

Born in 1991 Istanbul, Başak Taşdeğirmen graduated from Kocaeli University with a degree in journalism.

While going to graduate school, she took courses in graphic, web design and digital marketing, and she completed these courses with a high honors certificate.

She was a graphic designer and editor in national newspapers and magazines.

Between 2015-2017, she worked as a content editor for a private company.

As of April 2017, she started working as an editor at Rene Clinic.

Spc. Aesthetician
Kevser Doğan

Born in 1993 Northern Cyprus, she is a Namık Kemal High School graduate.

In 2012, she graduated from BIO-Mest Beauty and Cosmetics School.

In 2013-2014, she worked as an aesthetician at ESSI Beauty and Academy.

Between 2014-2016, she worked as a specialist aesthetician at Estanbul Plastic Surgery Polyclinic.

Since July 2016, she is working as a specialist aesthetician at Rene Clinic.





It is a type of light therapy which is quite successful with cumulative effects and which has been in use in the USA for approximately 15 years. The wavelength and special cap are based on individual’s need. Applications are performed in sessions. Skin tightening is considerably efficient on superficial blemishes, active acne lesions, weakening the hairs and vascular lesions.

    45 min – 1 hour
    After 4-6
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