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Knee Slimming

It is the removal of regional fat accumulations in the knee with liposuction. 

When Is It Applied? 

It can be applied at any time. It is an ideal surgery to get rid of your resistant fat areas, especially after reaching your stable weight with a healthy life style, sports and diet.

Before The Surgery
Medical information is obtained about the person and a general body examination is performed. The areas where fat will be taken are determined. Care is taken not to have excess skin. Skin elasticity is checked. Incision locations are determined. Appropriate photography is done. 

Which Methods Are Used For Fat Removal? 

There are conventional, ultrasonographic and laser-assisted fat removal methods. The most classical method is conventional fat extraction with the help of cannulas.

In other methods, laser or ultrasound energy is given through the same incisions. The fat cells are broken down and the fat is easily aspirated. These methods are easier and more effective and provide faster healing. They also help the skin to recover more easily.


Surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia + sedation. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. 0.5 cm holes are made close to the knee. First, a special liquid prepared for liposuction is injected. The purpose of this is pain and bleeding control. Fat is extracted with appropriate cannulas. A special corset is worn on the applied areas.

After surgery

Eating starts in the early period. The patient is mobilized after eating. No drain is used. Hospitalization is not required. There may be pain, swelling and bruising in the operation area. Bathing is allowed within two days. Special corset is worn for 4-6 weeks. Return to work in 5-7 days. Heavy activities are allowed after 1 month. A special diet is recommended after surgery.

Side effects 

There may be unwanted effects due to general anesthesia or surgery. Irregularities can be seen in the surgical area. In order to minimize this, it is necessary to use a corset. If you do not pay attention to your fluid intake and diet after the procedure, the success rate will decrease.


It is a permanent method if weight is not regained. High satisfaction rates are available. A healthy appearance is achieved with a decrease in fat rates.