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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries. It is a safe method that can be used in breast shape and volume disorders, small breast size, symmetry disorders of the breasts. It is also a frequently used method for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery or for symmetry with the other breast. Implants that have been in use for many years worldwide are very safe.

Implant Types

  • Saline - Silicone Gel;
    There are two types of implants or silicone gel. High quality silicone gel implants are often used in augmentation surgeries. With this type of implants, a much more natural appearance is achieved.
  • Smooth - Texture;
    The surface of the implants can be smooth or tear rough. Both surface structures have their own advantages and disadvantages. After detailed information during the preoperative consultation, it is decided together with your doctor which type to choose.
  • Anatomic (Tear shaped) - Round;
    The shape of the implants can be round or drop-shaped. It is one of the features to be selected together with your doctor according to the body structure, breast size and breast fullness of the person.

Pre-Surgical Evalution

 In our first meeting, we aim to learn about your complaints about your breast, your expectations from the surgery and your concerns about the subject. In this meeting, we obtain detailed information about you (additional diseases, drug utilization, pregnancy status, history of breast diseases). We then need to perform a breast examination and take some breast measurements. Preoperative photography and 3D imaging will be performed. At this stage, we make you get an idea about the size and shape of the implant with the simulation we perform.


It is performed under general anesthesia. The information groove or the lower semicircle of the nipple area (areola) is selected as the entry site for implant placement. Approximate operation time is 1-1.5 hours. Breast implants are placed in a pocket under the breast tissue, under the muscle (pectoral muscle) or in both planes called dual plane. More natural looking results are often obtained by injecting fat tissue taken from the inner thighs or abdomen into the décolleté area. The location of the incision, the implant to be used and the area where the implant will be placed are decided together with your doctor according to the breast and body characteristics of the patient.

After Surgery

You can start eating and walking within a few hours after surgery.  1-night hospitalization is usually sufficient. The day after the surgery, the drains are removed and discharge is planned. Painkillers and antibiotics are used after surgery. There may be a feeling of tightness in the breast. A special supportive bra is used. Your bandages are removed within 2-5 days and you can take a shower. You can go back to work in about 1 week, but heavy movements should be avoided. Exercise is allowed after 1 month and you can start using other bras. Your stitches will dissolve on their own. For scar treatment, you will be directed to laser applications at certain intervals by your doctor.

Cancer Screening

Routine screening continues after surgery, just like any other woman. Every woman after the age of forty should have an annual mammogram. Breast implant does not prevent mammography.

Side Effects

Side effects due to general anesthesia, early side effects due to surgery or late side effects may occur. The possible side effects will be explained to you in detail by your doctor during the first consultation.

What other methods can be used for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation can also be applied with fillers (hyaluronic acid) or fat injection into the breast. These methods are still controversial today. In addition, these methods require repeated procedures. Fat injection into the breast is often used to achieve a natural appearance in the upper part of the breast after breast augmentation with implants.


The results obtained after breast augmentation surgeries with implants are long-lasting. It has a lifetime usage period. After surgery, there may be changes in breast shape due to excessive weight gain and loss, excessive scar tissue formation, aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding revision. In such cases, rejuvenation surgeries may be required in the following years.